Carlisle Wedge Band Chipper Drive Belts


  • Built tough for the lumber industry
  • Time and Money Saver

Carlisle Wedge-Band Chipper Drive belts are specially designed and constructed to meet the unique demands of the Lumber Industry. Instead of using sets of individual belts this banded belt is engineered with a special Raw Edge laminated construction that provides perfect balance between the controlled transfer of power and slippage.

 It is actually designed to slip during "overload" or drive stall conditions. By allowing the belt to have controlled slippage during overload situations, less heat is generated, which results in longer belt life. 

The Carlisle Wedge-Band Chipper Drive Belt will not only outperform your present belt, it will last longer reducing emergency shutdowns and lost production time.

 It’s the ideal belt for applications such as chipper saws, de-barker drives, head rigs and hogs.

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