Carlisle Fin-Fan Belts


Synchronous belt designed for fin-fan drives
  • Special “Z” twist construction for Fin-Fan drive
  • (Air Cooled Heat Exchangers)

To reduce lateral movement, standard synchronous belts are constructed by alternately spiraling “S” and “Z” type cords. The synchronous belt cord is made up of a number of small fiber strands twisted together. These strands can be twisted either clockwise or counterclockwise. The two twist directions are referred to as “S” twist and “Z” twist.

Most synchronous belts are made with both “S and “Z” twist cord to minimize belt tracking forces on the pulley flanges. When necessary, the lateral movement of a belt can be pre-determined, if the direction of rotation is constant (non-reversing drives).

A good example of this is Fin-Fan Drives. Because the fin-fan drive has a vertical shaft, the belt is built with Z twist construction only. This gives the belt an upward direction of lateral movement.

This helps keep the belt off of the bottom flanges to reduce excessive wear on the bottom side of the belt. Carlisle offers the following special construction “Z” twist synchronous belts for Fin-Fan air-cooled heat exchanger drives.

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3500-14M-85F SYNC-RPP 14MM FIN FAN
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