• Manufacturing Range: 42"-450"
  • BB55 is 58" outside length 55" inside length
  • Top width-21/32", Depth-17/32"
Ideally suited for serpentine drives wherepower needs to be transmitted equally fromboth sides of the belt. Double-wrapped cotton-neoprene cover is added for excellentresistance to abrasive wear, heat, ozone,grease, oil, or dirt. Centrally located cord andspecial synthetic rubber compounds assurelong v-belt life and smooth, capable horsepower capacity.  

Double wrapped neoprene and cottonfabric assures maximum resistance toheat, sunlight, grease, oil and dirt.

The core of the belt is made of a special blend of compounds to provide long life and superior horsepower capacity.

 Available in AA, BB, & CC cross-sections